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Relentless is a majority minority-owned venture capital firm that believes diverse investment teams build exceptional portfolios of tech companies founded by unconventional talent.

The problem of the underfunded entrepreneur across ethnicity, region, and gender is so pervasive that it requires a significant amount of focus. So, at Relentless, we only focus on investing in hard to find and unconventional entrepreneurs with one major caveat --- their companies have to be technology companies. Investing in regional deserts, in women, and in underrepresented minorities is how we find exceptional risk adjusted returns.

Relentless focuses on tech for a couple of reasons.  First, the pace of massive disruption, growth, and wealth creation in tech is almost unprecedented, which makes it an appealing asset class from an investment return standpoint. Second, we want marginalized groups to participate in the tech revolution so that they too may benefit from wealth creation. 

We obsess over creating massive investment returns and impact by discovering and funding the most promising entrepreneurs who typically go unfunded.

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The name of our firm, Relentless, is all about a mindset in US tech lore of solving major problems and achieving massive outcomes. We operate with this mindset to achieve our goals and look for the same disposition in our portfolio company founders.


If you're not convinced of the benefits of the relentless mindset then type in the URL of this former standalone ecommerce platform for books and see where it takes you. 


Our team is comprised of veteran venture capital investors, venture fund operating managers, and ecosystem builders. We are bound together by mission and purpose.



There is no "pipeline problem" when it comes to funding underrepresented minorities, women, and those in funding deserts. Our ecosystem is filled with brilliant entrepreneurs and companies. We have unique access to strong deal flow.


We research, discover, fund and work with innovators and technologists who are exploiting extraordinary opportunities. We believe that investing in underrepresented tech entrepreneurs can create both social impact and significant market based investment returns.


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The investment process starts with your application and an interview by Zoom. Complete the application.


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