Unique Access &
Market-Based Returns

We spent time building and contributing to ecosystems for minority tech entrepreneurs. Now we're funding the most exceptional tech entrepreneurs the ecosystem has to offer. 




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About Us

We're a founder friendly investor seeking investment returns in a market that has been overlooked. Our obsession is not only creating massive investment returns, but also discovering and funding the most promising minority tech entrepreneurs. The venture funding gap, or underfunding of minority entrepreneurs, makes our work possible.

The venture funding gap for Blacks and Latinos is enormous. While this is indeed a problem it is also an amazing opportunity.


  • Blacks and Latinos = 33% of US Population

  • Blacks and Latinos < 5% of Venture Funding


This inefficiency leaves a massive portion of our population underserved. As a result, potential Unicorns are overlooked. By closing this gap we not only create impact, we also generate significant investment returns.

Brilliant founders

We're looking for founders who see opportunities that are less obvious to everyone else.

Founder friendly

Believing in founders and supporting their long-term success is central to our culture and values.

What We Look For & How We Operate

Transformative or disruptive technology companies

We are interested in companies that are  forcing much needed change on a market or have a path to massive scale.

Our capital comes with a vast network of expertise

  • Operations

  • Management

  • Finance

  • HR

  • Technology

  • Business Development

  • Strategy

  • Marketing

Creating Superior Returns & Impact

There is no pipeline problem when it comes to funding minority tech entrepreneurs. Our ecosystem is filled with brilliant entrepreneurs and companies.

We research, discover, fund, and work with minority innovators and technologists who are exploiting  extraordinary opportunities. We believe that investing in underserved tech entrepreneurs can create both social impact and significant market based investment returns. Indeed, creating robust returns for our investors is central to our purpose and philosophy.

More Investment Funds Needed

Black & Latino Entrepreneurship Ecosystem (2015 - 2020)


Average Annual Funding for Blacks and Latinos


Black and Latino Startups Funded Annually​


Portion of Venture Funding  for Blacks and Latinos


The Annual Venture Funding Gap for Blacks and Latinos

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